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Spin Station is a one-stop-gambling hub for all kinds of Gamblers, from small to large, newcomers to old timers! SpinStation is licensed under several responsible authorities, UK’s Gambling Commission (GC), Malta Gaming Authority(MGA) and Swedish Gambling authority. SpinStation’s Team is dedicated to increase the fairness of their players’ gambling experience, from tested, fairly opportunistic games, encryptions, security and protection of User’s Private data. spinstation.com brings more than 400 games from a variety of top Market Game Creators like Netent, the Swedish Giant, Thunderkick, Amaya, NYX offering a series of Market’s hits like Gonzo’s Quest, Guns n Roses, Starburst, Twin Spin and more.

Responsible Gaming

Spin Station’s Team has firm vision that Gambling should be treated as a source of entertainment and a gateway to a brief escape from the rigours of life and not as the prime of life. Therefore they have developed a variety of measures to help their players from being victims of gambling addiction.

  • Deposit and Duration Limits: Deposit limits ciel the amount the money players can deposit in a given time period, eventually giving them less money to play with, keeping them financially in check and secured. Duration Limits stop the amount of time you can spend on the site in a given day, after which you are automatically logged out. Limits are extremely effective because they are simple and prevent the problems even before they are developed.
  • Hourly Reality Check: hourly reality checks are notification messages after every hour informing the players about how much time they have spent, how much they have played, how much money they have lost or made and offers them to log out then or there, or stay. This is another effective method for people who might be sinking into gambling too much, with hours on the clock and eyes stuck on the screen.
  • Time-out! Time out is a great way to get a significant break from gambling Time-out is the cooling off period, in which players can take a break which could last from 1 day to 6 weeks. You can begin the cooling-off period simply by contacting the Support Team and they will block your account for a set amount of time. During the period, the account is frozen and therefore you can not login.
  • Account Closure and Self-exclusion: Account closure means to close the account for an undetermined amount of time, by informing the SpinStation’s Team. The Account can be resumed anytime in this case, upon request. Serious cases go to Self-exclusion program, a commonly found option in most Online Casinos. In self-exclusion the account is locked for a period longer than six months, or even a year. When someone thinks that Gambling has penetrated into their private life and created problem, losing control over Finances and time, then Self-exclusion is the right treatment to get a major break. However, it is advised to get self-exclusion from all gambling platforms not just Spin Station Casino.
  • Underage Gambling is discouraged at spinstation.com  and the team recommends a variety of Parental Control Measures that Parents can take in order to protect the cyber health of their Children.

All in all, the variety of measures made available at SpinStation Casino are setup to encourage only Healthy gambling. Afterall, it’s a game and anyone can win or lose in the game, so best not to wager money more than once can afford, spent more time than one has, sacrificing their precious family time or important working hours.

Online Casino


Slots are the most common and simplest Casino Games that are fun to play as they come in several variations and fun options. Traditional Slot games come in 3-reels and 5 playlines, and the more recent ones go up to 5-reels as common ones. There are also Wild and Scatter symbols. Wild symbols replace all other symbols in the game, except for Scatter(in most cases) and Scatter Symbols offer you free spins, bonuses and fun rewards! Different combinations of wilds and scatter offer various big rewards. Among the list of Slot games available is:

  1. Phoenix Fire – Power Reels
  2. Black and White
  3. Golden Caravan
  4. The Sword and the Grail
  5. Firefly Frenzy

Phoenix Fire – Power Reels is a groundbreaking 8-reel game, which means that while winning a straight playline is difficult, there are a greater number of playline combinations that can earn you big or small rewards.

  •  Phoenix Wild: The Wild symbol is represented by a large phoenix that takes up vertical space of 3 symbols at once! This wild symbols turns all adjacent winged symbols in WILDS!
  • Phoenix Wildfire: When no Phoenix Wild shows up on the reel, a phoenix can appear randomly and turn all winged symbols on the reels into Wilds.
  • Winged Symbols: Winged symbols don’t pay, but they have a chance to be turned into a wild by  the Phoenix Wildfire or a Phoenix Super Wild.
  • Free spins: 7 Free spins can be earned by the three free spins symbols if it appears during Free spins. During free spins up to three phoenix Wilds can appear.

FireFly Frenzy is a 5-reel, 30 Playline slot game. In Firefly frenzy besides Wilds, there are also Multiplier Wilds, a Moon symbol, four mysterious gleaming crystal symbols and flora symbols.

Wilds are represented by the Firefly Symbol can act as a Wild, a 3x or 2x wild multiplier. When multipliers appear on the same playline, they multiply into each other for a maximum of 243x !!

Frenzy Spins are triggered when a moon symbol appears in a spin, with a chance of a firefly Wild symbol landing on it. The Frenzy spins rewards eight free spins. The triggered wild acts as a floor to the multiplier.

Kick in the bed, the start clicking the spin button for a chance to win massive rewards. This spin button is far more thrilling than the typical pull-the-lever games in on-land casinos.

Need help? Just click the floating Live Chat option on the left to get access to Spin Station’s Chat Agent who will assist you as soon as possible. Live Chat is usually one of the most effective, quick and easy method and the Support Team will be happy to assist players in all matters, from Gambling Issues, Questions Regarding Game plays, Financial Transaction related inquiries and account matters.


Blackjack has its own art, as brief as a single game of blackjack is it stands out from many other games due to its simplicity and elegance.

www.spinstation.com offers a variety of Blackjack games that extend beyond the regular version, partly due to side bet features. The list includes but not limited to:

  1. Blackjack 6 in 1
  2. Blackjack Buster
  3. Blackjack Lucky Lucky
  4. Blackjack Perfect Pairs

In a Blackjack game, the target is to reach 21 points. The player is given 2 cards facing up and the dealer shows 2 cards for himself, out of which only 1 is facing up. Each card has points based on face value. For cards 2 – 10, their face value is also how much they are worth, Jacks up to King are all worth flat 10 points and an Ace is worth either 1 points or 11, depending on what suits you.

Once the first hand of cards is dealt, the player gets to go first. They can choose to ‘Hit’ or ‘Deal’. When the points you have with 2 cards to too less to be even close to 21, then you can ‘hit’ and open up new cards. You can keep opening new cards until you reach fairly close to 21, reach 21 or exceed it. If you exceed 21 points, then that’s being ‘busted’ and you lose immediately. Therefore the best bet is to try to get as close as possible. Once you are below 21 and you stop hitting, you can click ‘deal’ in which case you wait for the dealer to repeat the proceed you did, until he either successfully exceeds your points or goes bust. To score exactly 21 is called Blackjack and the one to do it, wins instantly

Lucky lucky is a great Casino game with a load of side bets. Side bets are bets in addition to the main bet which can pay you big amounts if you meet them. The most common Side Bet is called ‘Insurance’, when Dealers first open card is an ‘Ace’ there is a threat that he will be able to do blackjack, and so you can take insurance in which case you get paid even though dealer scored a perfect blackjack.

One of the Lucky Lucky Side bet is that if the 2 cards from players hand and one open card from dealers hand add up to 19,20 or 21 than the side bet is won. Paying 2 to 1 or 3 to 1

If the players 2 cards and dealers single open card are all 7s of same suit then it pays 200 to 1! , similarly 6,7,8 of the same suit as the first 3 cards pays 100 to 1! Similarly, just getting three sevens from any suit, pays 50:1 while 6,7,8 from any

Not feeling sure you understand the Games? Open the Tutorial, Payout Table or Help section. In each game, there is an option to play a tutorial mode which shows step by step instructions on how to play the game from a procedural perspective. Payout Table simply explains Bets and their respective Payouts, while the Help section is more detailed and explains the entire game comprehensively.


Roulette Games is another Casino game known far and wide. Unlike Blackjack and Slots in Roulette you can pick your own probability of win, from extreme small that offers massive payouts to extremely large with minimum payout.

Eitherway, the amount of return depends on the amount of risk!

One of the Roulette Games offered at Spin Station is Double Ball Roulette

Unlike a regular Roulette in which a single dice is rolled, in Double Ball Roulette, stemming from the name itself, two balls are rolled out and the idea is to hit both balls on a single wager. You can bet on red vs black, even vs odd, number 1 – 18 vs number 19-36 each with an almost 50% probability per ball. There are also some less likely wagers, like betting on any 12 of 36, with less than 50% probability or any specific numbers with least possibility of occurrence.

Since here the idea is to roll both balls in the section, the risk increases and so does the payoff

Odd vs Even, Red vs Black etc all pay 3 to 1, and a bet on any 12, pays 8 to 1. Likewise, getting 2 balls in ANY same number pay 35 to 1 and 2 balls in a CHOSEN same number pay 1200 to 1!

Not Feeling confident? Begin with a demo mode, named ‘Play for Fun’ Mode. From the main Menu if you bring your cursor on top of any game, two options begin to float one offering players to play for real money and the second offering them to play free games. By clicking the second option, you enter on a Trial or Demo made, which lets you play it for free. This option is true for all Instant games at SpinStation Casino besides Live Casino, and so is a great option for players to get their hands on games without spending real money, become aware of the rules or play for leisure because Gambling is afterall for entertainment.

Hold Steady for the Thrill of Live Casino!

The Thrill of Live Casino is unparalleled. At Live Casino you bet against other real players, each prepared to put in their level best, determined to utilize their best strategy and leave the table with their pockets full. So do you have what it takes to outperform? Find out in the Live Casino games

Among the Live Casino Games offered are:

  1. Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
  2. Childhood favourite, Monopoly!
  3. Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is based on a well known TV show, seen across countries. In this show, there is a single player who is given on closed briefcase, and is shown a number of closed briefcases. Each brief carries in itself an amount, from extremely small to extremely large. What the player needs to do is guess briefcases one by one and have them open up. As the briefcase roll open, the amount within that briefcase is a reward you can no longer win. So the attempt should be to open briefcases with smallest rewards? As you continue through the game, the probability of winning a large amount or small amount continues to change which makes the game exciting! A couple of good guesses can leave only the big figures for you to take home, and the same goes the other way around.

The Game goes through twists and turns, along with core-shaking suspense as you continue to pick briefcases testing your own luck

There are also ‘Banker’s Offers’ in the middle of the game, in which a Banker offers you a fixed amount to takeaway. Depending on the amounts left in the still-closed briefcases Banker makes an offer somewhere in the middle as a guarantee payment to take home instead of continuing to play. In case of not taking the option, your best attempt is to move towards leaving only the biggest figures.

There can also be Pop-up questions that can increase your take home reward or even a chance to switch briefcase if you think your destiny wasn’t so straight!

Promotions! Catch them before they are gone

SpinStation Casino is generous in promoting its platform, in giving back to their players and gambling fans in the form of free spins, free games and other exciting rewards. There are a bunch of major Promotions offered including:

  • Welcome Bonus! Warm welcome for the newcomers so they feel right at home.
  • First Deposit: 200% Match Bonus up to 2000 Euros! 1,000 Euros lets you play. with 3,000 Euros! + 20 bonus spins.
  • Second Deposit: 50% Match Bonus, up to 500 Euros + 50 Free spins on Gonzo Third Deposit: 75% Match bonus up to 500 Euros + 30 Free Spins on any Netent Game.

It’s www.spinstation.com, so of course you get a bunch of free spins in the universe of rewards! Promo and Bonus Code are provided in the respective section.

  • Spin Station on Tour! Earn a Mercedes-Benz SLC!! As you deposit, you get points on a monthly basis, and when a player reached 1,000 Points you are automatically put into the Prize Draw( No need to use bonus codes) for which the reward is a Mercedes-Benz. How many points do I get? For depositing every 100 Euros, you get 10 points. So get ready to level up your garage and stun your neighbours with the classic Mercedes.
  • Loyalty is Royalty! Microgaming Games are not starting! There will be over 1,000 interactive games, which are in a different league when it comes to graphics, sounds and player experience. So fasten your seatbelt for one of the finest game makers like Netent to show you their best piece of work.The list of games include Immortal Romance Hot as Hades, Mermaid’s Millions.
  • Massive Jackpots! Your route to becoming a millionaire. Games like Treasure Nile, Fruit Fiesta 3, Super Diamond, Super Lucky Frog are all carrying some major Jackpots all totalling up to 13 Million and the number is still climbing because they are progressive jackpots! As player bet on it, the money goes to the jackpot that keeps growing! So test your luck on the Jackpot games and earn a chance to play a life changing win.

VIP Club! The Place Where Members Come First!

VIP Club at Spin Station Casino is where the members are treated with love and care. There are a number of VIP ranks, so as you climb up the ranks, you become more special, get moe tailored services, rewards and unique treatment:

  1. VIP Silver: A Silver level VIP gets his/her own Priority Support Agent on both Chat and Email, Exclusive Cash Back Offers, Birthday Gifts! Free entries to private tournaments daily and VIP Offers every week.
  2. VIP GOD: A Dedicated Personal Account Manager, Gold Cash Back Offers(more than Silver level), Faster Withdrawal Services, Birthday Cash Bonus! Seasonal Loyalty Gifts of gratitude, VIP Tournaments for selected people and Tailor-made offers that fit your playstyle.
  3. VIP Platinum: Think it couldn’t get better? Think again! Platinum VIPs is only the second highest rank and they get all the benefits of VIP Gold(further increased) as well as some additional rewards like VIP Holidays/Events, Free games, Higher Withdrawal Limits with less withdrawal time, Faster Payment Services.
  4. VIP Centurion! The highest VIP rank is available only through Invite and these players are crowned!

VIP Fast-track: Wait, there is a faster way to climb higher. If you are already a VIP, you can apply for VIP member directly and get the rank easily, shared from the sister sites.


  1. Support Team is available through a number of emails, live chat service, exclusive contacts for VIPs, Exclusive contacts for self-excluded members. The Team is available 24/7, 365 days in order to best assist the Spin Station players.
  2. Mobile Casino is available with its own, tailored games on both IOS and Android, which means that Iphone, Ipads all work. However, a download software is not available currently.
  3. Payment Methods are multiple from Visa, Mastercard’s Debit and Credit Card, Klarna, Trustly, Paysafe, Skrill, Neteller and more.
  4. Languages: English (England, Australia), Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and German are some available languages.
  5. 2021 Spin Station Casino is reserved and managed by White hat Gaming Limited.


In conclusion, the highlight is that Spin station is a relatively small number of available games, wildest promotions, top-notch support resource and a grand VIP program. While the Games are less in quantity, they are not lacking in quality. Most games are unique so they give Users a fresh experience, e.g. The Blackjack lucky lucky has more offers than most commonly found blackjack, the Double Ball Rolling Roulette Game has a unique bet of placing 2 balls at one chosen number and winning 1200 to 1! Furthermore, the site has a great interface with Support Team available on easy access via multiple methods like Live Chat, Call, Email and messages as well as exclusive Support Squads and Managers for VIP Members. Nevertheless, the promotions are wildly generous, with a chance to earn up to 3000 Euros of Welcome Bonus, which gives immense freedom to players to play all games to their fullest. Furthermore, consumer’s utility is maximized when the site has a smooth running, user friendly interface available on Mobile and Desktop. The VIP Program is well constructed with a series of steps, a unique fast-track VIP offer and tailored VIP offers and bonuses that are worth the investment and effort put into the site. Being regulated and licensed by MGA, GV and Swedish Gambling Association is a sound proof that Spin Station Casino is a single reliable, authentic Gambling station for all Gamblers.

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