Cool Cat Casino: Great Welcome Bonuses and Free Spins in 2021

Since most countries do not permit, and rather forbid, operating of casinos because do not consider such institutions full-fledged and legit, they needed to move to the place where they can operate. So, where do you think they decided to move? Right, WWW is this place. Now, online casinos and gaming portals on the Web are considered to be an ordinary thing.

Anybody who reached the age of 18 (some casinos can make a requirement to be 21 and older) can register on such sites and play to both have fun and get some cash. The process is easy and accessible for everyone. The main question lies in the following thoughts. Is it really that possible to discover trustworthy portal in 2021? Of course! It is! This is the reason why I am here.

My main desire is to help you with such questions and let you discover at least one trustworthy portal that carries the name CoolCat Casino. This one is available for lots of countries, such as England, such as New Zealand, such as Australia and much more. Of course, there is the listing of countries that are not permitted to play, but you do not even need to look for this listing. If you get to the site and it says that members of your country are not accepted, you will not need additional explanations.

CoolCat is Our Perfect Choice

You may think that calling some casino our common perfect choice is just some kind of big words, but I dare to say that you will think so too when we come to the end of the article. Casino Coolcat has been operating for more than 20 years already. It was established in 1998 and, since then it uses its right to say that the best players from countries, such as Australia, such as Sweden, such as the USA and such as Canada use this portal and are happy about it.

My main purpose is to show you why those players love CoolCat that much and prefer it to the other similar online institutions. Go ahead to find out what no deposit bonus awaits for you, what games are there, how Cool Cat is going to protect you and other appealing features. Are you intrigued? Scroll down if you are.

No Deposit Bonus & Codes

If you are a starter at CoolCat, I offer you to pay attention to this no deposit bonus offer. When you sign up on this gambling site, you will automatically get able to claim 330% frequent flyer & bonus program if you enter bonus code “COOLWELCOME”. For using this promo code, you can also receive 50 free spins. So, that was all about welcome bonus.

I want to you in other ways too. For example, I am glad to notify you that there are a lot of wonderful daily offers, weekly offers, monthly offers that you can claim after registering. For example, let me introduce No Max Bonus with 270% percentage and 30 spins for Popinata game. To claim this one, please, use coupon code “PARTY270”.

There are lots of promo options in CoolCat, well, for now, there are 5 options except welcome ones, but including those that do not include wager requirements and bring free chip and spins, that can make you the jackpot winner and so on. Please, before claiming any bonus pack, read all the terms to avoid misunderstandings. This is my sincere recommendation. Note that VIP club is present and you can join it.

Games of CoolCat

Free games of Cool Cat are sorted and put into different categories. When you open the page with games, you will start observing the “Lobby” section which displays features gaming models, new and recently released models and so on. But if you look at the column which is situated on the left side, you will see that there games are divided by its types and not by release date, for example.

Slots models, table games options, video poker and specialty games are at your disposal 24/7. Can you guess what I liked the most? Of course, dividing games into particular categories is comfortable, but the best thing is that the gaming diapason is large. For example, if you are a fan of blackjack, you will be able to play not classic version only, but also blackjack varieties.

Devices for Playing

I am more than sure that gamblers have different tastes, and the situation is the same when the talk is about devices that players can use if they want to start gambling process with CoolCat casino. So, I offer to get the talk about devices started.

Of course, there are numerous players that can be considered to be fans of desktop & PC devices, such as computers and such as laptops. You can use them both, but laptops are more loved nowadays as they can be charged and used not only in the place where there is electricity. To start gaming with Coolcat on your laptop/computer, you can launch instant play directly with a built-in browser.

Actually, I notice every day that a better part of players prefer mobile devices to desktop & PC devices. The life moves fast, and, due to this, you cannot move slowly. People are busy all the time, and they cannot be always on the run with heavy laptops, so mobile gadgets are counted to be the best alternative. The casino has CoolCat app on the offer, so you can download it or keep gambling from the browser. That would be your choice.

Banking of CoolCat

Of course, we can call banking part as one of the most important parts of casino features, as having a bank card/wallet is a necessity for gambling on the Web. The rules clearly tell: you cannot continue playing without having one. The least I can say is that depositing and withdrawing will be impossible to commit. So, what banking options are currently available on Cool Cat gaming platform?

This paragraph is devoted to deposit making. Ones of the most commonly used methods in the world are Visa + Mastercard. No matter if you use credit or debit card, as you can use any of them. Both are accepted, but if you pick credit card and not debit one, you will be required to complete the form of agreement of its using. I cannot say why it is a necessity, as casinos do not usually require completing such form, but we have what we have.

The other way for deposit making is Neteller. Note: this method is not available in all countries, there are restrictions for 6 countries, such as the USA, such as Canada, such as France, such as Spain, such as Germany, such as Singapore. If you do not see your country in this listing, you’re more than welcome to use Neteller for your financial needs.

Not a very long time ago, cryptocurrency with the name Bitcoin has become too popular among users from all world. And not a very long time ago, it became available for using on the gambling site The system of bitcoin will use that currency that you request and will be able to meet all of your needs in terms of banking options. On this note, I am going to finish the depositing part and get to the withdrawing part.

Neteller is a very popular financial option, but as you remember, it cannot be used by players from 6 countries. Well, withdrawing funds with this option is easy, intuitive and fast. The only thing that you should be aware of is if you provide the correct e-mail or correct number of your Neteller account. That is all. If to get back to cryptocurrency, I can say that Bitcoin is available for withdrawals too.

Bank Wire is a next financial option about which I can tell a little. minimal sum of money that you can withdraw with its help is 200 dollars. If we pay attention to Bank Checks, it will be worth mentioning that they require minimum amount to be 300 dollars. Plus, if you commit overnight withdrawals, fees may be applied. Pick your option and commit money transfers.

Support Service

It happens when players have questions, and, there is nothing surprising. We cannot have all the answers and cannot provide ourselves with a guarantee that question cannot come up to our minds. So, when this actually happens, we can be prepared to it. If to talk about virtual gambling institutions, I should say that their workers must take care of you if you need support. This is why there are working there.

How to receive support from Cool Cat? I am going to tell you about two different, but similar ways to receive that support from CoolCat workers. If you check the “Support” page, you will see two icons: the first one displays the envelope for letters and the second one displays an image of so-called “speech”.

The first one means that you can address the workers of CoolCat if you make use of the attached email address. The second one means that you can address the workers of Cool Cat if you make use of the button “Click Here». When you click, you will open additional page of live chat that works 24 hours a day, has no time to relax and is aimed at helping you any time when you need support and help.

When I completed the signup process, the first thing I wanted to do is to turn on the function of 2FA (double authentication in other ways) while completing login in process. For some reason, it did not want to turn on despite the fact that I tried to do it a couple times. Then, I decided to get in touch with the workers to understand what the problem is. The answer came pretty quickly and it contained next explanation. The website had temporary technical difficulties and I needed to try later.

Plus, they said that I need to contact them one more time if in the nearest couple hours the problem does not disappear. There was not a necessity, actually. The problem disappeared and I managed to turn on the needed function. Of course, the problem would disappear sooner or later, but when I contactes the staff, I could at least know that there was no problem that needed interventions. So, here is my advice: if something bothers you, do not feel shy to ask for help, even if it is not big a deal.

Privacy & Safety

When registering on gambling website, visitors need to get familiarized with the information that is included into page named «Privacy Policy». This way, they can be aware of what personal information is used, how it used, what safety & privacy measures were taken for protecting customers and much more info that touches privacy of visitors.

So, let’s start with what information is collected by Cool Cat. There are two types of info that is collected. The first type supposes information that you leave while committing registering on the website. The second type supposes information that can be tracked during your website using. For example, when you play particular games, similar offers will be shown to you. This is an approximate way of how such info is used.

Also, there is such thing in CoolCat casino that is named as encryption technology. The site of Cool Cat uses 256-bit technology that is named SSL-protocol. What is its main purpose? The one and only purpose is making shared information of yours encrypted and not seen for everybody except casino’s workers and you as well. This way, gamblers can be sure that they are safe, and nobody has an ability to steal their data.

Well, there is one thing that you must remember all the time. Changes in “Privacy Policy” are permitted, thought they are not made in secret. If any changes were accepted, their terms will be displayed on the same page which is “Privacy Policy”, so you can discover them as soon as they are published. The page is in free access. Plus, you can turn on notifications and receive news/updates from the site CoolCat.

Cool Cat Evaluation

Now, I dare to say that my review is going to its end, and it is a perfect timing to conclude the things that CoolCat casino can be proud of, what things I liked, and, therefore, why I recommend visiting You can also the my evaluations below that touch bonus & promo programs, that touch diapason of games, that touch banking and that touch support & privacy. Plus, you can see the average evaluation which is 9.25/10.

Bonus and Promo Programs 9.5/10
Diapason of Games 9.4/10
Banking Methods 8.8/10
Support & Privacy 9.3/10
Average 9.25/10

As I said, it took me time to get acquainted with programs of promos & bonuses because I did not understand everything in details for the first time. But when I did, I understood that bonuses that CoolCat offers are wonderful and worth knowing about them. No deposit bonus program is the most wanted one among customers, that’s for sure, though those bonuses that cost making deposits are not less attractive. So, you do not regret if you play with Cool Cat.

Diapason of games also got me glad. The very first thing which I liked was dividing games into thematic and genre categories. That is comfortable, really. Also, I liked that the range consists of lots of game, and when it comes to blackjack, for example, we can play not only its classic version, but its variations too. Is not it exciting?

As I said, banking part is one of the most significant ones, as our choice often depends on available methods to commit transfers. The casino offers using Neteller (which is restricted for 6 countries), Visa + MasterCard (that are the most commonly used), Bitcoin (popular cryptocurrency) and Bank Transfers/Checks.

To ensure that both financial operations and your confidential details are kept safe, casino uses SSL technology and uses only that info details that you permit to use. And even if you permit its using, the casino’s policy “promises”: your confidential data will not be used in inappropriate forms and by unfamiliar third parties/frauds.

Well, that’s it. I am done, and I deeply thank you for your attention and for reading my CoolCat casino review to the end. The least I could do is to bring you info about Cool Cat features and with you luck with gambling on the Net. Make sure you are ready to play, then register and pick games to win money. The casino is at your full disposal!

Albert Clark
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